For the fourth year running Young Read Woudberg has sponsored the Tauranga Professionals Awards in conjunction with Rocket!.

These awards honour both employees and business owners, and are open to anyone who fits the entry criteria and lives and works in the wider Tauranga area.

We would like to give recognition to the following winners awarded at the Rocket! Young Professionals Ball & Awards held on Saturday 6th October 2012 at Bella Vista Lodge.

  • YRW – Tauranga Young Employee of the Year awarded to Matt Cowley
    Matt is a senior policy analyst for the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.
    This award recognises young employees who display outstanding leadership, contribution to industry and involvement in the community.
  • YRW – Tauranga Young Business Owners of the Year awarded to the Venture Developments team
    Venture Developments is a Tauranga based building Company who specialise in modern, high quality architecturally designed housing at affordable rates.
    This award acknowledges a young business owner’s leadership, business performance and contribution to industry.
  • AgriNutrients – Tauranga Young Innovator awarded to 4good Charitable Trust
    The Trust is founded by Dan Necklen and Ryan Kilfoil, and enables members to donate $4 a month to a New Zealand charity with the 12 recipients decided by an online voting system.
    This award recognises the demonstration of creative or innovative practices that have, or will, provide a contribution to the productivity of an industry.

We would also like to make special mention to the following entrants who where named as finalists for this years awards.

  • Tauranga Young Employee of the Year Finalists – Joelene Ranby (Port of Tauranga) and Sean Husband (Aurecon)
  • Tauranga Young Business Owner of the Year Finalist – Reform Fitness & Rehabilitation
  • Tauranga Young Young Innovator Finalists – Reform Fitness & Rehabilitation and Venture Developments

To join Rocket! and find out about you can meet and connect with other young professionals in the region click here.